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StormWorks is all about making it easy for you. We eat, sleep and breathe water (okay, nobody can breathe water) but you get the idea. We’re true experts. StormWorks will come to your residence or place of business and assess your rainwater runoff situation. We’ll figure out exactly how much water is generated during different sized rain events at each downspout, and then determine what management tools you need to maximize collection and control. Think of it as a rainwater audit, but with your input as the most important part. We’ll listen to your concerns, make recommendations, and then draw up a customized plan for you to execute. Or, ideally, we’ll do all the work for you by supplying and installing everything professionally. If you don’t know what you need, don’t worry. We’ll make sure by the end of the consultation that you better understand your situation, the best solutions for you, and how to move forward.

And keep this in mind: proper siting of a rain barrel, rain garden, or tree is the most important step in the installation process. Let us utilize our ten years of experience running the nation’s most extensive rain barrel program to help you create the most comprehensive rainwater management plan for your property. Furthermore, our expertise in rain garden and landscape design, tree and plant selection makes us a valuable, long-term partner for turning your property into a model of conscientious water conservation and natural beauty.

Consultations usually last around one hour. At the end of the consultation, if you decide to move forward with a StormWorks product or service, we can schedule an installation appointment. Either way, we will email you a consultation report that details the plans and recommendations for your property.


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