Rain Barrel Tips

Rain Barrel Tips

When temperatures get below freezing, that means it’s time to winterize your rain barrel!

Remember these important steps when winterizing your rain barrel…

Open the valve at the bottom of your rain barrel to drain out the water

Remove the garden hose and overflow tube and store indoors for winter

Switch diverter handle so it faces away from rain barrel (see picture below)

diverter rain barrel clean




















That’s it!

If you have any questions, need assistance with winterizing your rain barrel, or if you are need of rain barrel maintenance, we now offer a maintenance service.

StormWorks maintenance service includes:

Winterizing your rain barrel

Ensure all hardware is working properly and up-to-date with our current inventory

If necessary, installing a diverter

The maintenance fee is $50 for inside the watershed residents and $100 for outside the watershed residents. Find out more info here.


Clogged Rain Barrel?

What you’ll need…
A pair of pliers (and maybe a thin stick, twig, pipe cleaner, or any other object that you can insert into the spigot after unscrewing it to loosen dirt and debris).










Step 1: Unscrew the top of the spigot (unscrew the nut where the base of the handle attaches to the spigot).










Spigot as you’re unscrewing it…










Step 2: Remove the spigot (you may have to insert a stick, twig, pipe cleaner, etc, into the top of the spigot if the water doesn’t blast out from the release of pressure when you remove the spigot top).













Step 3: Screw the spigot top back on and you’re done!


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