Rain Barrel Winterization

In an effort to prevent your rain barrel from getting damaged during the cold months, StormWorks recommends that you winterize your rain barrel. It is important to attend to this yearly maintenance task to avoid the problems that can be caused by ice building up in your rain barrel. You’ll want to winterize your rain barrel before temperatures consistently dip below freezing; be sure to pay attention to nighttime temperatures as well.

If you have any questions or need help winterizing your rain barrel, StormWorks offers rain barrel maintenance visits. An even better option is a rain barrel maintenance agreement plan. We’ll provide you with the same great service, while passing on substantial savings and peace of mind.

Ready to use your rain barrel again in the spring? Follow these easy steps!

Our maintenance agreement customers will receive two maintenance visits for each year they are signed up. We have 1-3 year plans available to all residents of Allegheny County.

Inside the Watershed
1 Year: $60
2 Years: $120
3 Years: $180

Outside the Watershed
1 Year: $90
2 Years: $180
3 Years: $270

Not sure if you live in the watershed? Check out this map of the Nine Mile Run Watershed.

*For customers not participating in our maintenance agreement, our maintenance rate is $35 per visit for Nine Mile Run watershed residents and $50 for non-residents, plus time and material. Additional time over one hour is billed at $25/hour.

For more information, please email rainbarrels@swpgh.com or call us at 412-243-7680 x122.

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