Rain Barrel Maintenance

StormWorks is now offering Rain Barrel maintenance agreements. For a one-time fee, you can guarantee that a StormWorks expert is available for any of your rain barrel needs. It’s an easy way to get rain barrel insurance or an upgrade – we have new filter screens, diverters, and spigots available!

Our maintenance agreement customers will receive: 

  • An annual check-up of your rain barrel to make sure it’s operating at the maximum efficiency (which includes unclogging and inspecting for leaks)
  • One (1) service call (*price of parts needed not included)

Clients are required to call ahead to schedule these maintenance appointments.

Maintenance Program Benefits

  • Keeps the system operating at peak efficiency 
  • Prolong equipment life by preventing excessive wear
  • Assures priority service response over non-contract customers 

We have different plans available, depending on where you live.

For customers not participating in our maintenance agreement, our maintenance rate is $35 per visit* plus time and materials. Additional time over one hour is billed at $25/hour.

*We have a minimum charge of $35.00 for customers located inside the watershed and a $50.00 minimum charge for customers located outside the watershed.


To sign up today, please call (412)243-7680 x 122.

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