Rain Barrels Oh, Contain Yourself!

Rain barrels and cisterns are becoming very popular among conservation-minded property owners, and for good reason. They are loved by gardeners, residents trying to reduce flooding in their yard or basement, and anyone who is committed to doing their part to make their community better.

A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from your roof that would otherwise be lost to runoff into storm drains and streams. With the right rain barrel properly sited, sized, and installed, the water can slowly soak through the ground and into the water table, being cleansed by soils and plants along the way. StormWorks offers high-quality, state-of-the-art rain barrels designed for this region, to seriously get the job done.

StormWorks currently features five different rain barrels.

For orders outside of Allegheny County, please email us at info@stormworkspgh.com



116 gallon Hydra Rain Barrel featured in  100% Recycled Black Resin

StormWorks rain barrel has a slim, modern design that can fit in narrow spaces between houses or shared walkways, behind shrubs, or neatly up against or in a tight area of your house to blend in with your landscape.

The Hydra has a capacity of 116 gallons to handle any size roof. It has multiple spigot and overflow openings, a removable mosquito-proof filter basket, making it one of the most user-friendly and aesthetically-appealing rain harvesting containers on the market.

Dimensions: 48″ wide, 18″ deep, 54″ tall.

The Hydra is now available in 3 colors.



Price: 100% Recycled Resin (Black): $365.00

Price: 100% Virgin Resin (Brick): $389.00 Temporarily out of Stock. Please email us for expected return: info@stormworkspgh.com.
Price: 100% Virgin Resin (Sandstone): $389.00 Temporarily out of Stock. Please email us for expected return: info@stormworkspgh.com.






The NMRWA rain barrel is our own Barrel 2locally produced barrel. Made of recycled plastic, it holds an impressive 133 gallons of stormwater and with its removable lid, the barrel is easy to install and maintain. Its unique siphon overflow system is designed specifically for urban areas and allows a homeowner to control exactly where their water will drain.

Dimensions: 28″ diameter, 51″ tall.

Regular Price: $295.00






Moby Rain BarrelThe Moby rain barrel is the smaller of the two barrels. Made of recycled plastic, this barrel holds 65 gallons of stormwater, has a removable lid, and features two passive overflow ports. It features a lid with a built-in screen to catch any debris from your roof. It is ideal for smaller roofs, such as a porch or garage.

Dimensions: 28″ diameter at top, 40″ tall.

Regular Price: $220.00






Ivy Rain BarrelThe Ivy rain barrel is the smallest of the rain barrels that we sell. It holds 50 gallons, but we can couple as many together as needed! The Ivy rain barrel is available in green or black. The green rain barrel is made of 50% recycled plastic and the black barrel is made of 100% recycled plastic. 

Dimensions: 22″ diameter at top, 42.5″ tall

Regular Price: $199.99







The Olive Barrel is the newest rain barrel now available in our line of products. It holds 55 gallons, but we can couple as many together as needed! The Olive Barrel is only available in Terra Cotta. If you are looking for bulk pricing, we can provide a discounted quote for you and your organization.

Dimensions: 24″ diameter, 40″ tall.

Regular Price: $75.00





White DiverterA Diverter allows for easy winterizing of any of your rain barrels. Simply drain your barrel, flip the switch on the diverter, open your spigot, and your barrel is ready to withstand the cold winter months.  We carry diverters sizes in 2″x3″, 3″x4″, 3″ round, and 4″ round. Colors are white and brown for the 2″x3″ and 3″x4″, or white for the round diverters. We can special order some colors for you – just give us a call!

Regular Price: $25 – $50

Size :
Color :




Questions? Please call (412)243-7680, or email info@stormworkspgh.com



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